Frequently asked questions

Did you pay a deposit when signing your rental agreement? Does your landlord refuse to pay back your deposit after ending your lease? Most likely your landlord is obligated to pay your deposit back to you. Your landlord can only keep your deposit if he meets strict legal requirements. 

Questions about deposits

What is a reasonable term for getting my deposit back?

Most rental contracts contain the term for paying back the deposit. Often this is around one month. When you did not hear anything from your landlord or when he is not reacting when you are trying to get in touch with him he might plan on keeping the deposit. Please use or tool to check if you qualify to get your deposit back.

When do I get my deposit back when I make use of the services of Borgterug?

When your deposit is kept without accordance with the law or the relevant procedures, most landlords pay the deposit after the formal notice that we sent them. This formal notice is a requirement for starting a legal procedure. When we retrieve your deposit we will wire this to you within 2 working days.

What is the purpose of a deposit?

The deposit serves as financial guarantee for landlords when tenants damage apartments or houses. The deposit is meant to cover costs to repair damages. The deposit is however not meant to cover all damages. The landlord also needs to prove that you caused the damages.

How does the procedure look?

On basis of the information you give us we make an indication of the chances of your case. We formally summon your landlord one last time to pay the deposit back. When your landlord does not reply or agree to pay the deposit back voluntary we will go to court on behalf of you. After winning the procedure in court you get your deposit back.

What happens if your landlord does not reply

When your landlord does not reply on your messages we will start with a last formal notice. For going to court a response of your landlord is not required.

Do I have to go to court myself?

No! Going to court is our last resort. When there is no other option than going to court for you we do so for you. You don’t need to do anything or come to court if we have an authorization from you to act on your behalf in this case.

Questions about our service

What does Borgterug mean?

Borg (deposit) terug (back) means deposit back in Dutch.

What are the costs?

We work on no cure no pay basis. Meaning that we only earn money when we succeed (meaning: when you get your deposit back).

When we succeed we only charge you 20% of your deposit. This flat percentage covers all costs during the entire procedure, including a court procedure. We will never surprise you with unsuspecting bills or other charges.

What are the general terms and conditions of Borgterug?

Our terms and conditions can be found here.

Why does Borgterug offers the cheapest solution for you?

Four reasons why Borgterug is your cheapest solution:

  1.  You pay one flat and transparent fee. There are no additional costs.
  2. We specialize in retrieving deposits and don’t do any other legal issues other than collecting unfair held deposits for renters. In this way it is not necessary for us to conduct expensive research.
  3. We keep our costs low. We are a digital only company without a fixed office or expensive administration. Our philosophy is to make complex things as simple as possible.
  4. We use algorithms and smart selection tools.  
Is Borgterug cheaper than a lawyer?

With our no cure no pay model we are cheaper than (any) a lawyer. Most lawyers are not specialized in the field of deposits and will have to conduct research first. With an average salary of € 200 a lawyer will spend at least five hours and will charge you around the € 1000 or more.

Is my personal information safe at Borgterug?

Absolutely. Please review our privacy statement here.

Our service

  • Insight in your rights
  • Help within 24 hours
  • All cases won
  • One flat no cure no pay success free: no extra charges
  • Always accessible for questions and updates


Our legal experts work on a no cure no pay basis, check your rights today and see if you can get back your deposit.